Boy, 6, who was thrown from balcony of Tate gallery can now move his limbs


The little boy hurled from the top of the Tate Modern is now able to move his limbs with the help of a ‘full armour of splints’.

His parents described the six-year-old as their ‘little knight’ in heartbreaking messages charting his slow, painful recovery.

The August attack left the French boy – who was on a family holiday to London – with fractures to his spine, legs and arms and a bleed on the brain. He could not move, eat normally or speak. Six months on, the boy, who cannot be named due to a court order, is at last saying his first words – but just one syllable at a time.

A British woman named Vicky has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for his family. The total now stands at more than £160,000. The parents, via Vicky, have been posting occasional updates. 

Their most recent, on January 24, says: ‘He can now eat mash. We hope that he will be able to drink soon, with a straw to start with.’ The previous update said: ‘Our little knight begins to speak! He still has a full armour of splints, but he also begins to move his four limbs now.’

To donate, visit: medical-funds-for-tate-tragedy


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