Boy racer killed ‘in car chase on motorway’ filmed his own death after fatal collision with tree


A BOY racer who was killed in an alleged street race when he crashed into a tree filmed his own death.

Julio Oliveira Sampaio, 24, died on Saturday night on an empty stretch of road in Iranduba, Brazil.

He was allegedly racing another driver while filming himself on his phone, hitting speeds of up to 129km/h.

Footage shows the diver pointing his phone’s camera towards his passenger window as loud music blares in the background.

The footage, which lasts around 30 seconds, shows the side and tailgate of another vehicle which is pulling slightly ahead of the lad’s black Honda Civic.

The camera then pans inside to the speedometer to reveal the car accelerating from 70km/h to the top speed of 129km/h in an apparent attempt to get in front of his rival.

But moments later, the other driver overtakes and appears to swerve in front of Sampaio, who worked as an engineer.

Sampaio then loses control of his car, and the sounds of wheels squealing and the car colliding with the tree by the roadside are heard before the phone goes dead.

He died instantly.


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