Brazilian Defense Minister resigns


BRASILIA, March 29 (Xinhua) — Brazil’s Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva announced his resignation on Monday.

The departure was announced in a statement by the Ministry of Defense without specifying the reasons for his decision.

Meanwhile, Azevedo e Silva expressed thanks in a note to President Jair Bolsonaro for the opportunity to serve the country.

As a Brazilian Army General and close friend of Bolsonaro, Azevedo e Silva was named by Bolsonaro, the then President-elect, in late 2018 to head the Ministry of Defense.

Before heading the defense ministry, Azevedo e Silva had served as the Army Chief of Staff, one of the most prestigious positions in the armed forces, and Special Advisor to Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court.

During Azevedo e Silva’s tenure, the Brazilian government approved a military career and welfare reform, and negotiated favorable terms for servicemen with Brazil’s Congress. Enditem


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