Brexit backlash: How Boris Johnson is BETRAYING Brexit voters with ‘disturbing’ EU deal


BREXIT is often a divisive topic, with many expected to vote Conservative on the basis of Boris Johnson’s pledge to ‘get Brexit done’ at this election. But some do not agree that his proposed withdrawal agreement is the best way forward for Britain.

Millions of voters are expected to head to the polls for tomorrow’s general election. Prospective parliamentary Brexit Party candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, Catherine Cui, spoke to about what she really thinks of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Boris Johnson’s proposed withdrawal agreement from the EU is lengthy, but one of the major aspects of the deal is the whole of the UK will leave the customs union – an agreement with EU countries not to charge tariffs on goods coming from other EU countries.

When it comes to the regulation of goods, Northern Ireland will be expected to keep to EU rules rather than UK rules.

Checks will be enforced by UK officials at ‘points of entry’, but theoretically the EU will also be able to have officials present.

But under this agreement, concerns have also been raised over whether EU officials may be able to override UK officials.

Entrepreneur Catherine Cui is in the running to represent Poplar and Limehouse as MP in this election.

As a Brexit Party candidate, Ms Cui is in favour of a ‘clean break’ Brexit.

And if Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal passes through the Commons following this election, Ms Cui doesn’t believe it would be the best option for the UK.

She told “With Boris Johnson’s deal there is a political declaration which asks the UK to be aligned with the EU in terms of tax duty, policy and laws.

“And that will limit our freedom and flexibility when negotiating better trade deals with the rest of the world.

“We could have imported bananas from Kenya and strawberries from Morocco for a much cheaper price with a reduced tariff.

“Instead we have to do it from Holland or from Spain because of the EU protectionism within the European Union.

“So I want to reduce people’s bills on food and clothing to help people with the cost of living standard.

“But that withdrawal agreement wouldn’t allow us to do that.”

Ms Cui also said she found one particular aspect of Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement “most disturbing”.

She said: “The most disturbing thing in his agreement is Article 184, which says that any potential dispute the ECJ, the European Court of Justice, are the final arbiter.

“For business people this is like getting into a contract with another party and having another party have the final say, to decide what is right and what is wrong.

“For me, that is the most disturbing part of his agreement.

“In 2016 we voted to leave to take back our control, border, our laws – it’s not what Boris Johnson can offer us with his deal.”

Millions of Brits will be heading to the polls for Thursday’s general election.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be hoping to secure a parliamentary majority, in order to get his revised withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons.

Without a parliamentary majority, ex-Prime Minister Theresa May failed to pass her agreement through the Commons on multiple occasions.

The Conservatives are hoping the December snap election will help to break the Brexit ‘deadlock’ in the House of Commons.


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