Brexit Party: Election candidate run off the road after death threats from far-left


A BREXIT Party candidate who was sent sick death threats from far left activists was run off the road while campaigning in Doncaster.

Surjit Singh Duchre had to attend hospital after he claimed to have been targeted by thugs while on the campaign trail. He shared dramatic images showing his campaign placard in the middle of the road along with his car in the frightening attack. Brexit Party hopeful Andy Stewart tweeted: “So how bad can get it get in Doncaster?

“Tonight they attempted to ram my colleague off the road.

“Car spun, trailer smashed, driver in hospital. How bad?”

Sources close to Nigel Farage’s party blamed far-left activists for the attack.

Mr Singh Duchre was sent death treats by anti-Brexit activists and has since hired a bodyguard to protect him while campaigning.

He said he was “fearful for his life” when he claimed to have been told by leftie thugs he would suffer the same fate as those murdered in the London Bridge terror attack.

He said he was confronted by a man in Doncaster who said “I’m going to kill you”.

Mr Stewart told The Sun Online: “Today the threats and the vile abuse we have been subjected to went to a whole new level.

“One of my colleagues was threatened with his life.

“We knew something like this could happen but when it actually happens its very frightening.

“He’s since returned home, fearful for his life, not just because somebody said ‘I’m going to kill you, but ‘can you remember what happened in London? That will happen to you.

“This was a threat from a particular vile sect in our society which seems to be overtaking politics in favour of militant abuse and vitriol.

“This is coming from the left of politics. We’ve condemned the right of politics, now it seems to have been met by the left of politics.

“There’s no need for it.

“We’re no threat for violence, we are not right or left, we are just right or wrong. This needs to stop.”

Mr Farage has been a victim of vile abuse, particularly when campaigning in the European elections.

Paul Crowther, who was arrested at the scene after being filmed dousing Mr Farage with the milkshake, told journalists the act was “a right of protest against people like him”.

He said: “The bile and the racism he spouts out in this country is far more damaging than a bit of milkshake to his front.”

The 32-year-old, of Holeyn Road, Throckley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was charged by Northumbria Police with common assault and criminal damage.

The criminal damage charge related to a microphone which was damaged during the incident on May 20.

North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court was told the politician’s suit was left covered with the banana and salted caramel Five Guys drink during an event in Newcastle ahead of last month’s European elections.

District Judge Bernard Begley ordered Crowther to pay the bill for Mr Farage’s suit to be dry cleaned and to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Comedian Jo Brand landed herself in hot water when she joked about throwing battery acid over Mr Farage after the milkshake incident.

She told BBC Radio 4 listeners: “I’m thinking, why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?”

The BBC eventually ruled her joke “went beyond what was appropriate” following a wave of complaints.


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