Brexit Party founder admits party is ‘finished’ after Farage opted for ‘wrong’ strategy


BREXIT PARTY founder Catherine Blaiklock claimed the party is now “finished” because of Nigel Farage’s decision to contest a large number of marginal seats in the upcoming general election.

The Brexit Party founder insisted Nigel Farage should have focused the efforts of prospective MPs in a smaller number of constituencies rather than challenge the Labour Party in their heartlands. Mr Farage last month announced he would stand down 317 candidates in a bid to help Boris Johnson strengthen his majority in seats the Conservatives won in 2017. Asked whether the Brexit Party was “finished” after prominent MEPs quit to endorse Mr Johnson, Catherine Blaiklock told LBC: “Yes.

“I think it’s going to open up another hole in the political market unless Boris delivers on some of the things that caused Brexit in the first place.

“Those are things like mass migration, freedom of speech, crime, what people see as the destruction of their communities and, obviously, terrorism. This type of issue which I still think are not really being discussed.”

The Brexit Party founder warned Mr Farage the political scene “has changed” since the party was created earlier this year and urged the Brexiteer to “accept it.”

She continued: “I think the political reality has changed and I think Nigel ought to accept that.

“I don’t think it helped just to complain about the people who have stepped down.

“Arron Banks, who has been a really strong supporter of Nigel for many years, has said the same thing – they should have been pinpointing against 20 or 30 seats, not against marginals where you are likely to get Remain coalitions win instead.”

MEPs Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lance Forman, John Longworth and Lucy Harris on Thursday announced they had quit the Brexit Party in a show of support of the Prime Minister and his proposed Brexit withdrawal deal.

Nigel Farage repeatedly attacked the Brexit withdrawal agreement Mr Johnson negotiated with the European Union, insisting the proposal would not deliver a proper Brexit. 

The group also voiced their disagreement with Mr Farage’s strategy to field a high number of candidates and they warned the move could result in the Brexit Party missing out on seats altogether.

In a video posted after their announcement, the four MEPs said: “Despite the polls, the outcome of this election is unpredictable at constituency level. It is unlikely that the Brexit Party will win any seats.

“So we are recommending that all Brexit supporters now vote Conservative to support Boris Johnson’s deal, as every single Conservative Party Candidate has pledged.

“Even if you and your family have never voted Conservative before – this is a unique time in history. We voted for change in 2016. So let’s not be afraid to make a change ourselves.”

The group’s decision to quit sparked a furious response from fellow Brexit Party MEPs, with South East England MEP Alexandra Phillips branding her former colleagues “glory hunters.”

In a scathing series of Tweets, Ms Phillips wrote: “There’s a trend in Glory Hunter politicians switching parties to meet fashion with no recourse to the voter.

“These 4 spat in the face of Tories when they were getting slammed in EU Elex under PR but shamelessly crawl back as FPTP screws smaller parties. ZERO principle.”

Addressing Ms Harris, Brexit Party MEP James Wells tweeted: “I got into politics to get rid of politicians who say one thing, but do another!

“You are no better than them – I genuinely feel totally betrayed by you @Lugey6.”


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