Brit cop ‘lived next door’ to Madeleine McCann prime suspect Christian B in Portugal


A BRIT cop lived next door to prime Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B, it emerged tonight.

The Portuguese home of the unidentified Scotland Yard detective was alongside the isolated villa in Foral where Christian B lived in 2007.

Neighbours had urged police to search it after the three-year-old British child vanished from her holiday apartment a 30-minute drive away.

London’s Met Police refused to comment on the revelation made on a TV programme in Portugal.

The Sexta 9 show reported bizarre facts about Christian B, 43, including him chasing sheep while drunk and exposing himself to kids.

It quoted a neighbour talking about the policeman but did not make clear if he was retired or still living in the house.

Austrian couple Oliver and Karin Stenard said Christian B had lived in the adjacent house with a girlfriend.

Oliver said: “The next- door neighbour at the time’s an English policeman. He’s working for Scotland Yard.”

Christian B is serving 21 months in a German jail for drugs offences.

That country’s prosecuters are convinced he abducted Madeleine.

The revelations raise new questions over bungling by Portuguese cops.

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