Brit couple slam Spain quarantine saying country is ‘safer than UK’ and they’re more likely to catch coronavirus at home


A BRIT couple has slammed the new UK quarantine restrictions for Spain saying the country is ‘safer than Britain’.

Daniel Bury, 39, and his wife Joanna, 44, from Accrington, near Blackburn, flew out to Los Montesinos, Alicante, on Friday but were shocked by the news that they would need to quarantine for two weeks when arriving back in the UK.

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On Saturday, thousands of British tourists were ordered to self-isolate for 14 days on their return from Spain or face a £1,000 fine after Spain was removed from a quarantine ‘safe’ list.

But many feel that the new measures have been sprung on holidaymakers who had not planned for the Government’s travel restriction, meaning they may not be able to venture out of their homes or to work.

While holidaying in Alicante, Joanna and her husband Daniel told the Sun Online that they were ‘nervous’ about the prospect of quarantine and that they felt far safer in Spain then they would if they were in the UK.

Joanna said: “We were obviously worried about coming out and getting through the airport etc as we have my mother and father-in-law with us. 

“It has been such a nice holiday, there is nobody on the beaches, there is no one within four or so metres of us. 

“Everyone is respecting the social distancing rules, everyone is wearing masks. Its really clean, they are constantly disinfecting.

“We feel safer here than the UK, especially as we are so close to Blackburn back home. 

“People at home are shaking hands still, no one wears a mask. It is totally different here. 

“If you are in a restaurant and get up from the table to use the toilet you are made to put your mask back on. We even had to wear masks the whole time on the plane.

“Police are constantly monitoring the beach and giving out fines.”

Spain was ravaged by coronavirus with the death toll currently at 28,432 and over 319,501 cases but the country’s lockdown was lifted and the borders were reopened at the end of June.

But the sudden measure was brought in to prevent holidaymakers from bringing back coronavirus after Covid-19 cases rocketed on the Spanish mainland after outbreaks in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid

Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia are now facing a total lockdown if coronavirus cases continue to spike, its president has warned.

It comes as:

TENS of thousands of tourists face summer holiday chaos today as people cancelled their trips and ministers are embroiled in a huge row over Spain’s quarantine rules.

The families – who will now have to tell their bosses they won’t be able to come in to work for two weeks – were squashed up next to each other in arrivals.

The collapse of the air bridge between the UK and Spain has caused chaos for up to 600,000 Brits who were already in the country when the new rule was announced.

They will have to fill out forms saying where they will stay for two weeks – and face a £1,000 fine if they’re caught breaking quarantine.

Joanna, a school worker, added: “We have enjoyed our holiday but we are no apprehensive about coming home.

“My husband, who is self-employed, will have to take time off work because it has been sprung on us.

“I think the mood is very much the same here, people worried about going home.

“We are not sure how we will be able to manage back home if we have to self-isolate as we don’t really have anyone to help us. We are very nervous.

“We think that the restrictions or lockdown’s across Spain is ridiculous when certain areas are not that bad. “

Ministers at the Department for Transport are at loggerheads with the Foreign Office over whether to remove the 14-day self-isolation for tourists returning from the Canary and Balearic Islands after an outcry.

The Spanish government is in talks with the British government about the possibility of creating air corridors for the Balearic Islands and the Canaries which would enable British tourists to continue enjoying holidays there without having to self-isolate on their return home.

Officials in the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol are also pushing to be allowed into a ‘safe’ air corridor scheme.

Francisco Salado, President of the Provincial Council of Malaga and the Costa del Sol tourist board, claimed yesterday/on Sunday the whole of Spain was suffering the “tremendous injustice” of the “failure” of the pro-independence Catalan government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The news comes as Europe is on alert for a potential second wave in coronavirus cases.

Many European nations are seeing an increase in the number of virus cases as governments lift draconian lockdown measures to attempt to reignite their damaged economies.

Spain recorded its highest infection figure since May 11 with 2,615 new cases on Thursday, followed by 2,255 on Friday.

France meanwhile recorded 1,130 new infections on Friday as compared to just 81 when lockdown was eased at the end of May.

Germany has also seen an uptick in cases with 818 on Friday, its highest number since June 17.


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