Britain tells Michel Barnier fate of Brexit trade talks ‘in his hands’ after major compromise offer


BRITAIN has offered an olive branch to the EU over Brexit.

We are set to compromise on one key sticking point to get a deal.

Negotiator David Frost has now told counterpart Michel Barnier that the fate of trade talks is “in his hands”.

He is confident a deal can be reached by September but also warned Britain must be prepared for the possibility of leaving without one.

Mr Frost yesterday agreed to work with the EU on its wish for a governance deal covering all aspects of our interaction with the bloc.

Britain had wanted a series of mini agreements covering different areas.

But Mr Barnier warned there was still “substantial areas of disagreement” over fishing rights and the freedom to set our own laws.

British officials said there had been “genuine progress” and a deal in the autumn was “a real possibility”.

But they warned Brussels needs to accept our new status as a sovereign country.

A senior negotiating source said: “There are underlying issues of principle the EU hasn’t got to grips with, but we think they will in the next weeks and months.”

Mr Barnier said Britain “did not show a willingness to break the deadlock” and said: “The time for answers is quickly running out.”

He also warned against using “brinkmanship” to get a deal.

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