Britain’s about to be hit by a brutal recession – we must come together as a nation



THERE’S no sugar coating it. This country is about to be hit by a brutal recession.

Businesses up and down the country have already closed their doors for the last time.

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And a new report suggests unemployment could be on track to top 4million — the highest rate since the Great Depression.

But if we can come together as a country now, it’s not too late to mitigate the damage.

Ordinary Brits who can afford to do so should hit the high street this week.

Buying a new gadget or pair of shoes might not feel that patriotic, but by splashing a bit of cash you’ll be breathing life into Britain’s flatlining economy.

The Government, too, must do its bit.

Britain’s lowest skilled workers will need the most support to get back into work, so what better moment to invest in proper adult training programmes?

For our part, The Sun has launched Bounce Back Britain — a major new campaign backed by the PM which is designed to get businesses, people and communities back on their feet.

Watch out for practical employment advice and a host of money-saving offers in the paper over the weeks and months ahead.

This summer, our country is at a crossroads.

Either we ignore reality and bask in the sunshine while the Britain we know collapses around us.

Or we face up to the grim facts — and do everything we can to get the show back on the road.

LABOUR MP Jess Phillips is absolutely right.

Domestic abusers don’t discriminate, so why should the law discriminate against their victims?

All sufferers of domestic violence deserve protection.

But due to a quirk in the law, some immigrant women are turned away from shelters because they can’t access public funds.

Leaving a violent partner takes guts.

A bureaucratic loophole cannot be used to send women back to their abusers.

HIGH streets may be reopening — but public loos remain firmly closed.

It takes the proverbial that anyone caught short on a trip to the shops will be forced to simply cross their legs.

Local councillors must reopen our WCs.

Of course, it’s unfair that councils have to stump up the cost of running facilities — and a whacking great tax on top of that.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak should do his bit and close the bizarre loophole in the law which means public loos are subject to business rates.

But someone needs to sort it out soon — or we’ll all be tying ourselves in knots.

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