British Airways backtracks by offering cabin crew more money and time off to avoid walkout


BRITISH Airways has backtracked by offering cabin crew more time off and more money in a bid to stave off a walkout.

Staff were sent a glossy 59-page brochure titled ‘Our Future’ outlining their upgraded proposals.

Critics said BA bosses were “back-peddling” and offering the precise terms they have spent months trying to take away.

The airline wanted to axe 12,000 staff and re-employ the remainder of its 36,000 employees on lower-paid contracts – sparking a furore among MPs and customers.

After “feedback”, BA says it has “significantly reduced the number of proposed redundancies” and improved pay so 40% of staff will get a salary hike.

The airline is also offering “more annual leave and days off” and has vowed “no zero-hours contracts”.

Cabin crew will earn £28,000, lead crew £31,000, and managers £38,000.

All crew will fly a mixture of short-haul routes and long-haul, with up to 10 days guaranteed off per month and a paid annual leave entitlement of up to 35 days for experienced staff.

Rosters will be published up to 15 days earlier than current policy and staff will be encouraged to work towards promotion.

Amy James, BA’s Head of Inflight Customer Experience, told staff the airline is losing £20million a day during coronavirus.

She said: “This is not a crisis of our making, but it is one that we must respond to.

“By taking difficult steps now we can protect jobs for as many people as possible – and crucially jobs which are sustainable for the turbulent times ahead.”

BA is creating one cabin crew fleet from its existing three.

Any pact with crew eases fears of a crippling strike – although airline bosses must win over its entire workforce.

BA has been accused of using coronavirus to ease its bottom line.

Critics argue Spain-based parent firm IAG has billions in revenue and is trying to buy an airline while siphoning off chunks of BA.

The Sun understands an agreement between BA and pilots is in place, although talks continue to hammer out finer details.

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