British couple to be among first to quarantine after returning from Spain slam ‘ridiculous’ travel u-turn


A BRITISH couple who are to be among the first travellers to quarantine after returning from Spain have slammed the government’s travel u-turn as “ridiculous”.

Sophie Ingham, 23, and her boyfriend Nick Baldwin are on holiday in Tenerife but face two weeks in isolation when they land in the UK tomorrow.

They flew out to the Spanish island last week after the government opened up an ‘air bridge’ with the country.

But Spain was removed from the official ‘safe list’ after a spike in coronavirus cases in the country – with all holidaymakers forced to quarantine on returning home from midnight.

Sophie and Nick are due to land in Leeds at 2.50am tomorrow – less than three hours after the new rules kick in.

And Sophie has blasted the rules saying she feels tourists have been “hung out to dry”.

She told MailOnline: “We were shocked. I think it’s ridiculous, we’ve only been here a week and we’ve followed all the rules.

“We have worn masks when we needed to and not been close to anyone other than each other.

“We don’t even know if it definitely includes us as it is just mainland Spain that is suffering a second spike, so does this include the islands?

“It’s all unclear and upsetting as we really cannot quarantine.”

Sophie feels like holidaymakers have been let down by the new rules.

But she said it was “a difficult one” because “Boris or the government couldn’t win either way”.

She added: “I think implementing this quarantine without giving people enough notice to get home is completely unfair. 

“Spain’s cases have been increasing for the past few days, the government have allowed families to travel in the past two days as the summer holidays have begun. 

“Only to implement a lockdown 48hours later? It makes no sense. 

“The government knew the risks when they opened the air bridges and now they are hanging travellers out to dry when a lot of people will not be able to quarantine. 

“However, if he doesn’t implement a quarantine and a second spike hits the UK then he will be criticised.

“I just think he should have warned people or at least allowed them time to bring flights forward.”

And despite the huge announcement, Sophie said the couple have had no guidance.

She said: “No one has said a word to us at all. It’s very bad.

“Loads of British people now worried in the airport and refreshing the news.”

British tourists were last night told they should not travel to Spain unless it is “essential”.

The Foreign Office said the decision was made after assessing the coronavirus risks in the country.

But the advice against travel only applies to mainland Spain, with holiday hotpots such as Majorca and Ibiza left off the ‘no go’ list.

Brits are urged to contact their tour operator or airline for information regarding their return journey.


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