British Museum Displays Mistranslated Copyright Notice


The British Museum has made around 4m items viewable online, seeing as we may no longer mill around its cavernous halls wondering which thing to see next, and of course, someone’s already found something it got a little bit wrong within this vast catalogue of looted history.

The scandal involves a Turkish postcard producer, which was named “Her Hakki Mahfuzdur” in the museum’s text. Unfortunately, it was pointed out that this actually means “all rights reserved” and some poor old labeller had translated the wrong bit on an image and it’s gone on record, and potentially millions of people have walked past it without paying it any attention and noticing.

The good news is that people who like finding and pointing out errors have four million exhibits to trawl through, and there’s bound to be more mistakes within the decades of transcription and translation. [BBC]


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