Brits back causing chaos in Magaluf with drunks vomiting in the street and yobs causing damage post lockdown


BOOZE-fuelled Brits were at the centre of chaotic scenes as they returned to Magaluf’s newly-reopened bars and clubs.

Drunken revellers were seen jumping up and down on cars and vomiting in the street after going on the post-lockdown lash.

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Coronavirus fears were clearly not on anyone’s minds as hundreds hit the strip without a care in the world.

And masks – compulsory from Monday – were nowhere to be seen as they partied like it was 2019.

The shocking scenes were a big blow to those who hoped new anti-social behaviour laws introduced in the resort would transform its trashy image.

Four months after nightspots re-opened, a relatively small number of tourists have started to return to Spain and its islands.

However, despite the lack of the usual huge crowds, some were still involved in drunken scenes on the streets of Magaluf.

Multiple youngsters were filmed jumping up and down on the roof of a car parked outside a takeaway while being cheered on by onlookers.

The debauched scenes were witnessed in the early hours of Friday just as police arrived to make sure bars closed down on time.

One of the men filmed damaging the car was arrested but released after several hours in custody. 

One angry local took to social media to rage: “Total chaos in Punta Ballena. Hundreds of sons of b*****s from Great Britain.

“No face masks on, jumping on top of cars, drunk, drinking alcohol in the street. A disaster. Where’s the police? A f*****g disgrace.”

And concerned locals fear the problem will only get worse as more bars re-open and the number of holidaymakers jetting to Majorca grows.

One said: “At the moment the main six bars in Punta Ballena are open but in two weeks’ time everything’s going to be open so things are going to get worse unless the police manage to put a handle on it.

“The scenes you saw the other night in Magaluf are the response to tourists’ anger at bars having to close at 2am.

“There was no violence but it’s the sort of image the local authorities were hoping they wouldn’t have to see this summer.”

Another said: “Hoteliers are worried that tourists won’t come to Mallorca because they  have to wear masks.

“What is clear is standards won’t be met with images like these.”

And another posted: “What a joy to see the traditions before COVID entered our lives!”

Local newspapers dubbed the scenes “the new normality” for Magaluf, the words Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez used to describe life after the coronavirus crisis.

Magaluf town hall chiefs had predicted the pandemic could sound the death knell for the booze-fuelled brash tourism the party resort has been striving to kill off.

However, that was before Spain brought forward the re-opening of its borders to international tourism.

The number of Brit holidaymakers flying to Spain has been growing since June 21 when they were allowed in for the first time in three months.

Costa holidaymakers were given a boost on Friday after quarantine was scrapped for people arriving at English airports from Spain.

Balearics Islands tourism minister Iago Negueruela  said his government would be “especially vigilant” to police the decree designed to eradicate drunken tourism.

The anti ‘trash tourism’ decree has been billed as the first in Europe to restrict the promotion and sale of alcohol in specific areas of the Balearic Islands including Magaluf and San Antonio on neighbouring Ibiza.

 It includes a three-drinks alcohol limit during meals at all-inclusive hotels, a pub crawl ban and fines of more than £50,000 for holidaymakers caught jumping from hotel balconies.


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