Burger King thieves hurdle counter to pinch food before one gives a meal to a homeless man


Burger King thieves leapt over a store counter to pinch a bag full of food before giving a homeless man a meal, claiming to show ‘love to my hood’. 

Video shows two men sat inside a Burger King, as one of them asks the other: ‘What you saying boy, you hungry? Want to grab something to eat?’

The thieving pair are then seen walking to the front of the store, before one of them casually jumps up onto the ordering counter. 

As the other sneaks around the tills to snatch a bag of burgers, the store manager grabs one of the culprits and pins him down onto the table.

Their friend, filming the incident, is heard laughing hysterically, before crying: ‘Oh s***, oh s***! What you doing?’

Suddenly the thieves make off with a bag of burgers, before video cuts to one of them giving a homeless man a burger.  

He then boasts triumphantly: ‘Say I don’t show love to my hood? Huh?’ 

The video, which has since been shared on Twitter, has gained more than 22,000 views as users praise the men for being a modern day ‘Robin Hood’.

One social-media user wrote: ‘You all care more about a multinational corporations profits than homeless people eating, all of you get in the bin’. 

Another tweeted: ‘The old white man trying to stop him clearly doesn’t believe #DiversityIsOurStrength.’

And a third said: ‘Robbin hood, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor’.  

It is not yet known where or when the incident occurred.


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