Calls for Raptor 13 to be sacked after he was moved to an admin role after abusing Muslim women 


Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the sacking of no nonsense cop Raptor 13 who has been moved to an admin role after abusing two Muslim women.

Raptor 13, real name Senior Constable Andrew Murphy, has been disciplined over a video where he threatened and abused two women last April. 

NSW Police confirmed on Thursday that Murphy has been kicked out of New South Wales’s bikie-busting Strike Force Raptor – losing the right to his prized codename.

It is understood he now working for a ‘non-public facing unit’, essentially doing administrative police work. 

But thousands of people don’t think this is punishment enough and have called for him to be removed from the force altogether.  

A petition launched on Thursday already has 30,607 signatures calling for Murphy’s complete dismissal. 

Ahmad Shady, a migration agent who started the petition calling for Mr Murphy to be sacked, said Raptor 13’s disciplining was not enough, given his ‘colourful history’. 

‘He still keeps being on the police payroll, police benefits and pension,’ Mr Shady said. 

‘That’s not a sufficient deterrent to other officers on the street from doing the same actions again.’

Mr Murphy’s in-your-face tactics have made him the star of several viral videos, winning him praise from shock jocks but dividing the community over the past two years.  

But he has been on thin ice with bosses but the final straw was a scathing report from the police watchdog, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC), over a ‘threatening and bullying’ road stop in Parramatta, in Sydney’s west, last April.

In footage that sparked massive uproar, Raptor 13 and his squadmate were seen pulling over a P-plate driver, 24, and her stepmother passenger. 

Mr Murphy berated the driver as ‘the most stupidest person I’ve ever met’ and threatened to send her passenger, a new migrant, ‘back to jail’. 

He told the driver: ‘Don’t argue with me love or you’ll be going back in the paddy wagon as accessory to bloody murder.’

The watchdog described Raptor 13’s behaviour as ‘intentionally intimidating, abusing, threatening and bullying’ and slammed it as ‘serious misconduct’.

A NSW Police Force spokeswoman today confirmed ‘management action’ has been taken following an internal review.    

Daily Mail Australia has confirmed he is no longer part of any of the eight specialist squads that make up State Crime Command – which includes Strike Force Raptor, the Homicide and Organised Crime Squads. 

The development comes amid dissension in the ranks of the Raptor Task Force, which is feared for the unconventional tactics it uses against outlaw motorcycle groups.     


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