Caracas defines Saab as a “diplomatic agent” and ask for it to be released


In an astonishing statement, the foreign ministry of venezuela admitted yesterday that the tycoon colombian Alex Saab –arrested this Saturday in Cape Verde by the Interpol– was an “agent” of the regime of Nicolas Maduro that he had documentation diplomatic venezuelan, reason why the that “should be released immediately”.

This is the first time that the regime chavez recognizes one of their “agents” important as a figurehead of Mature detained abroad. The contractor Alex Saab the U.S. Department of Justice accuses him of money laundering and leading a network of corruption with the import of food CLAP –subsidised by the regime– , as well as for traffic of gold and diamonds.

In its statement, the foreign ministry of the regime, Maduro said that “the arbitrary arrest and illegal use of a venezuelan citizen Alex Nain Saab, on the part of Interpol when he was in transit in the Republic of Cape Verde, in addition to the actions of aggression, blockade and siege of the USA against our country.”

The official text adds that Saab was operating as an “agent of the bolivarian Government of Venezuela, during a technical scale necessary to continue his journey with the aim of making efforts to ensure the obtaining of food for the CLAP, as well as medicines, medical supplies and other goods of a humanitarian nature to the attention of the pandemic Covid-19”. The foreign ministry in Caracas points out that the arrest was the product of “an order of time of the Interpol”.

Saab is considered as one of the front men more important of Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores. In his long career linked with payments of bribes between 2011 and 2015 to take advantage of the differential exchange rate. In July 2019, american prosecutors charged Saab and other colombian businessman of money laundering. The US Treasury Department also imposed sanctions on Saab by orchestrating a vast network of corruption to obtain contracts worth millions and overpriced for the purchase and distribution of subsidized food in Venezuela. Researchers estimate that the scam amounted to about 1,200 million dollars.

The opposition has been celebrating the arrest of Saab. Acting president John Guaidó said that his detention has immediate implications to go revealing everything that it means the “gold of blood”, all that means the relationship with Iran, and the regime of Maduro, and all that has been the corruption with food of venezuelans. This screenshot will follow its legal course.

Carlos Vecchio, ambassador of the legitimate government in Washington thanked the chancellor Jorge Arreaza by confessing the links of the regime chavez with Alex Saab. .


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