Chapter 2 Season 3 Of ‘Fortnite’ Brings Sharks, Aquaman To The Fore


Players who are new to “Fortnite” might be surprised why there’s a lot of water in Chapter 2 Season 3, but veterans will know that this is just part of the gameplay that makes it all the more exciting.

There’s no need to fret, though. Epic said that as time goes on, the water will recede and “more locations will be uncovered.” Some islands will be completely submerged, but there are still surprises that await players. Engadget pointed to The Grotto, home of Brutus, henchmen and a “powerful mythic weapon.”

“It’s a fun change: I’ve already jumped from buildings and landed in water instead of taking damage,” said Kotaku’s Riley MacLeod, adding that the water also makes for a quick escape by swimming, but it does make one an easy target for the opposing team.

Chapter 2 Season 3 of “Fortnite” also introduces a new NPC group called Marauders. MacLeod said they work the same as last season’s Henchmen. The “Waterworld”-esque environment also made sharks available as a mode of transportation by wrangling them with a fishing rod and steering them to wherever part of the battle royale island.

Sharks can attack players, too. Epic said that they are “item-hungry and dangerous,” but aside from that, they can get a player from point A to point B, just like cars, boats and helicopters scattered all over the island. Whirlpool will likewise give them a boost to “rotate out of areas using their glider,” said Engadget.

If last season’s Battle Pass had Deadpool, this time around it’s Aquaman. It’s a timely signal for DC’s “King of Atlantis” to make an appearance because of the water theme. The introductory video showed what appears to be a cartoon version of Jason Momoa and yes, players can unlock Aquaman’s skin by completing “Aquaman challenges.”

Reddit users have also discovered a bunch of new weapons. These include the charge shotgun and a shockwave launcher. They also said the hunting rifle has been unvaulted, alongside the chug splash and the grappler. Players can also unlock Kit, a seemingly innocent kitten that rides on a motorcycle that transforms into a mech suit.


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