Cheaper Xbox Series X Version Found In Microsoft Document


Over the past months, many rumors and leaks have claimed that Microsoft is preparing to launch the Xbox Series S or the Lockhart soon. The said gaming console is reportedly the more affordable and less powerful version of the premium Xbox Series X. Another piece of the Xbox Series S puzzle was shared online, which was discovered on an official Microsoft document.

On twitter, data miner XB1_HexDecimal shared some screenshots showing references to Xbox Series S or Lockhart. The images were screen captured from the latest patch notes for Microsoft’s Game Development Kit. In the June release notes, there is a mention of LockhartProfiling and AnacondaProfiling for the Dev Kits of Xbox Scarlett.

The second reference comes with a typo that reads Lockhard. Windows Central verified that the language in the update is accurate. According to Laptop Mag, the term Lockhart Profiling could be referring to limited memory available on the Lockhart or Xbox Series S compared to the Series X, which is known as the AnacondaProfiling mode.

Microsoft has not yet released any statement related to Xbox Series S or Lockhart. However, earlier rumors claimed that the more affordable Xbox Series S would be capable of 4 TF against the 12 TF power of the Series X. It would reportedly be limited to 1080p resolution and would be offered at a much lower price point.

Previous rumors making round online claimed that the Xbox Series S or Lockhart would be offered at half the Xbox Series X’s price. It could be Microsoft’s strategic move to penetrate the market better. Rumors believe that the Redmond-based tech giant would make up for its losses by getting a bigger chunk on Game Pass subscriptions and digital sales.

More proof of Lockhart, this time from the XDK/GDK release notes for June 2020.

— TitleOS (@XB1_HexDecimal) June 24, 2020

It is worth noting that the images do not tell much outside of the possible existence of the Xbox Series S. While the discovery on the official document of Microsoft is highly plausible, it does not carry the same weight as Microsoft’s official confirmation or announcement. In this case, take this new set of information about the rumored Xbox Series S or Lockhart with a good measure of salt.


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