Child endangerment charges have been filed against a woman who fired a gun in a Walmart while digging through her purse.


A woman who fired a gun in a Walmart while digging through her purse is now facing a charge of child endangerment.

Officials say a Worcester woman is now facing a child endangerment charge after accidentally firing a gun while digging through her purse at Walmart with her toddler.

Crystaly Perez, 31, told police she fired the 9mm pistol by accident while rummaging through her purse at a Northborough Walmart checkout line.

At approximately 8:40 p.m.,

Police were called to the Northborough superstore at 200 Otis St. on Monday after a gun was accidentally discharged.

According to police, Perez accidentally pulled the trigger of the handgun while digging through her purse.

The bullet made its way out of the bag and landed on the store floor.

Perez’s young son was in her shopping cart at the time, but no one was injured.

According to the Worcester Telegram andamp; Gazette, when the gun went off, her husband dashed over and grabbed the child.

According to the Telegram and Gazette, police added the reckless child endangerment charge to Perez’s initial charge of discharging a firearm within 500 feet of an occupied building.

“This may have been a one-time lapse in judgment,” Northborough Police Chief William Lyver told the newspaper on Thursday. “But serious and responsible gun owners don’t leave guns in pocketbooks without the safety on.”

“It was a case of ‘could’ve been, would’ve been.’ Her child was in the cart, and someone was in line behind her.

It was very likely that someone would have been hurt, and that is simply unacceptable.”

According to Lyver, Perez exhibited a clear disregard for gun safety.

He claimed she had been carrying the gun without a holster since Saturday when she went to the gun range.

Perez, according to Lyver, had a Worcester Police Department permit to carry the weapon.

“She was properly licensed but lacked knowledge,” he explained.

“I would revoke her license if she had one here.”

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