China amends law for more fairness in education


BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) — Chinese lawmakers on Thursday passed an amendment to the Education Law, aimed at ensuring fairness in education by mandating tougher punishment for those who steal the identity of others to enroll in a school or college.

Impostors will have their admission qualifications revoked and slapped with a ban from relevant national examinations for two to five years, according to the amendment, which was approved at the 28th session of the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee.

The amended law stipulates that academic diplomas of impostors will be revoked and those holding public office will be dismissed. Criminal activities will receive criminal punishments.

The law stipulates that people who allow others to illegally use their identities for enrollments in schools or colleges shall be barred from appearing in relevant national examinations for up to three years, with all illegal gains confiscated.

The law also demands stringent punishment for public office bearers involved in identity theft in school or college enrollments.

Officials who organize activities of identity theft, fraudulently using someone else’s identity, illegally substituting for others in admissions, or instigate others to conduct such malpractices, will be sanctioned in accordance with the law.

Violators will be prosecuted for criminal liability if the circumstances constitute a crime, the law notes.

If the lawful rights and interests related to admissions are infringed upon due to illegal substitute, the victim can request restoration of admission qualifications.

The amendment will take effect on April 30, 2021. Enditem


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