Chinese divers perform at world top level at winter training test


BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) — Chinese star divers showed their strength in a test event held by the “dream team” in Beijing on Saturday.

Olympic and world champion Shi Tingmao dominated the women’s 3m springboard with 395.55 points.

“I had expected to collect more than 400 points,” said Shi, also winner of the event at the World Cup. “I failed to perform my training level today, and I was a little nervous in the competition.”

“I had to be strict to myself,” explained Shi. “My dives are not as difficult as my opponents, so if I can’t be steady, I’ll have no advantage.”

As a new leader in the Chinese diving team after Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia, Shi kept a low key about herself. “I lost two or three competition this year, so I am not satisfied with myself. But it also reminds me that my opponents are very strong. I have to do the best.”

Cao Yuan won the men’s springboard, while Chen Yuxi and Lian Junjie topped the women’s and men’s 10m platform respectively.

According to team leader Zhou Jihong, their winter training has started in early October, almost a month earlier than before, and she set a higher standard for the divers.

“The most important for them in the test is to pass the standard score,” said Zhou.

“The divers in the women’s individual and synchronized platform performed at their best level,” concluded Zhou. “The girls also did well in the springboard. But our boys still need some time.”

The Chinese diving team won 12 gold at the World Championships in Gwangju this year.


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