Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter’s death is still unknown, but her mother claims she died of ‘injuries.’


Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter’s death is still unknown, but her mother claims she died of ‘injuries.’

Hannah Price, rocker Chris Daughtry’s stepdaughter, died in a car accident, prompting more questions and few answers.

The 25-year-old Price, whose mother is married to Daughtry, was discovered dead at his Nashville home on Friday in an “unexpected death,” according to his band.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department did not respond to a call from the Daily News, and no cause of death has been publicly disclosed.

According to TMZ, Price’s family was informed that his death was being investigated as a homicide.

Deanna Daughtry, Price’s mother, hinted at a traumatic death on Saturday, saying she was waiting for the results of an autopsy “to determine how Hannah sustained the injuries that caused her death.”

On Instagram, she wrote, “I love you endlessly Hannah.”

According to TMZ, Price’s boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, was arrested on Friday, but it’s unclear if this was related to Price’s death.

The district attorney general did not respond to a request for comment from The News right away.

Price’s death left Daughtry, a 41-year-old “American Idol” alum, “absolutely devastated and heartbroken.”

“I recently lost my mother to cancer, but I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to say my goodbyes, and I was processing it privately.”

He wrote on Instagram, “We never got to say goodbye to our precious Hannah, and it’s another huge blow to our family.”

“I adore you, Hannah.”

You are sorely missed.

I wish I had the ability to take you in my arms.

“This is excruciatingly painful.”

His scheduled tour has been postponed since then.

Price, whose biological father committed suicide in March 2018, was shot in the face six months later in Humboldt, Tennessee, while attempting to save a 15-year-old boy from Crip gang members.

Price claimed she was blind for two weeks and that her apartment was broken into while she was having surgery.

“It’s been crazy,” she wrote on Facebook at the time. “But honestly, I’ve had a very positive perspective on it all.”

“I need help, and having to ask puts me in a vulnerable position.”

She and Jolly were arrested in April after another driver reported being shot at on Interstate 40 during a road rage incident.


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