Chris Evans: ‘It’s driving my wife potty’ Virgin Radio host considers major life U-turn


CHRIS EVANS, Virgin Radio breakfast show host, has admitted he’s considering making a U-turn on his 2019 New Year’s resolution after certain elements have been driving his wife “potty”.

Chris Evans, 53, revealed he might go back to using email after giving up his smart phone for his 2019 New Year’s resolution. Back in January of this year, on the first of his Virgin Radio shows after moving from BBC Radio Two, the DJ said he had ditched the mobile to have more time to himself.

He told listeners at the time: “I no longer have a phone. I don’t have one. It’s not in my glove compartment in my car, it’s not locked away, I don’t have zero screen hours, then allow myself on later. I don’t have a phone anymore.”

He followed the likes of music legends Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams and Elton John in chucking away his mobile.

Going phoneless is something Chris speaks about often on his show, relaying the benefits of being phone free in a world driven by technology.

In October, Chris said: “I got rid of my phone on the 19th of January this year.

“I don’t have a phone or an email. Right so I have a lot more time. In fact, I have the same amount of time it is just mine,” he explained his reasons.

Discussing what he does with all this extra free time, the dad-of-five admitted he often gets “frustrated” for people who don’t have the extra time because of technology.

“I was in London last Thursday and I had time because I’d got time and the more time you have in the more space you have the more you see how little everybody else has and you get more you get frustrated for them on their behalf.

“And so, I have two hours right, not to kill, not to fill, but to fulfil and there was a fox being rescued from the river here on London Bridge and for 90 minutes I just watched the fire brigade trying to rescue this fox.”

He added: “Now that was my time and I did what I wanted with it.

“Now, that wasn’t me being distracted because I didn’t have anything to do because I’d gotten rid of all the stuff that I have to do is that page once you try and go back to a blank sheet of paper.”

But now it seems Chris might be having a change of heart. Well, half a change of heart.

On Monday’s show, he admitted that he was considering returning to one element of modern day technology – email.

“You know I have given up my phone, and I’m going to carry on giving up my phone, but I might go back to emails,” he admitted to his listeners.

It wasn’t something he had thought about doing until speaking to his wife, Natasha, and he thought his sacrifice might help her out.

“My wife is getting all mine and it’s driving her potty!” He explained.

He reassured listeners that he will still be without a mobile, but he will check his emails every now and then.

And, after successfully sticking to his New Year’s resolution, he urged listeners to try the one-year challenge too.

“I’m still never going back to the phone but I thought, having given something up for a whole year… You know where this is going, it’s pre-New Year’s resolutions thinking about them now, I think you should you should all try and give something up for a whole year,” he encouraged.

While trying to persuade listeners to make a change in their lives, he revealed what he is thinking about giving up next year.

“We require so many layers of different things don’t we, different behaviours.

“I was going to give up my beer, gin and tonic and give those up for a year,” he hinted.

As we get ever closer to the New Year, at least Chris is prepared with a resolution in mind.

If he can keep it up!

My wife is getting all mine and it’s driving her potty!


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