Cities in Pennsylvania were named among the top five best sports fan destinations.


Cities in Pennsylvania were ranked among the top five best places to visit for sports fans.

There’s nothing quite like watching a live sporting event—whether it’s football, hockey, or basketball—whether alone or with a group of friends.

And, fortunately, if you happen to be in Pennsylvania, there are two places that have been named among the top five best for sports fans in the entire United States of America.

WalletHub, a financial website, decided to conduct research into how American cities cater to fans of professional sports.

To do so, their researchers decided to focus on 392 cities, ranging in population size from “small” (fewer than 100,000 people) to “large” (more than 300,000).

WalletHub then divided each city’s total percentage of adults who watch sports by sport, referencing data from ESPN and the US Census Bureau, and deemed the following cities to be the top five absolute best places in the country to be for sports fans:

Pittsburgh was ranked first in the United States for football fans, while Philadelphia was fourth for basketball fans.

But, if you’re a sports fan, where is the absolute worst place to be? South Orange Village, NJ, to be precise.

Doug Blais, Ph.D. and Professor of Sports Management at Southern New Hampshire University, says, “Several factors go into making a good sports city.”

“Tradition, fan passion (both when winning and losing), fan knowledge, the number of teams, team success, and media support are among these factors.”

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, you’ve done a fantastic job.

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