Connecticut Thai restaurant closed after fluids from a decomposing body leak through ceiling


Fluids leaking from a decomposing body in an upstairs apartment forced health officials to close a Connecticut restaurant below last month. 

Windsor police were called to the Siam Corner Thai Kitchen & Pho restaurant on May 29 after reports of a foul odor and a reddish-brown liquid dripping from the ceiling behind the front counter, according to WFSB. 

‘It appeared that the dripping substance was possibly blood,’ police wrote in a report obtained by WFSB on Monday.

An officer entered the second-floor apartment above the restaurant at 199 Broad Street through an unlocked back window and found the deceased tenant’s body in bed. 

He appeared to have been dead for several days and had started to decompose.

‘Bodily fluids had leaked through the bed and floor,’ according to the police report.  

Windsor health officials released limited details, saying a biohazard company had to be called in. 

A paramedic called to the scene believed the man died of natural causes, WFSB reported, and police said no foul play is suspected. 

Officials also said they found medications for heart failure and high blood pressure.  

Police officers were able to confirm the man’s identity by an ID in his wallet, but did not release his name. 

Jeffrey Ponder, the owner of a nearby barber shop, named the deceased man as ‘Raymond’ in an interview with WFSB-TV.

Ponder said there were no close family members looking after the man, who had been living in the area for more than 50 years.   

A neighbor, Donna Wheeler, had told police she had not seen the man – described as a loner – in several days.  

The health department said the Thai restaurant remains closed amid ongoing investigations.  


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