Conservative commentator Iain Dale storms off Good Morning Britain set


Broadcaster Iain Dale dramatically stormed off a TV set this morning during a feisty debate about austerity and cuts to social care.

The LBC presenter fell out with his fellow guests on Good Morning Britain as they discussed the case of Tate pusher Jonty Bravery.

Last night, the Daily Mail revealed a shocking recording of the autistic teen vowing to ‘push somebody off’ a building months before he nearly killed a French boy.

Despite the conversation being recorded by a care worker, Bravery was still allowed to visit the gallery alone, hurling the youngster from a 100ft viewing balcony.

Dale’s fellow guests Nihal Arthanayake and Grace Blakeley argued that the incident, which nearly killed the boy, was at least partly due to cuts to social care.

But Conservative commentator Dale labelled the idea as ‘utter rubbish’, leading to a row during which he struggled to be heard over Arthanayake and Blakeley.

A clearly exasperated Dale then told the panel he’d had enough, removing his microphone and storming off set amid mocking cries for the other two guests.  

Minutes later, Dale tweeted that he usually enjoyed ‘civilised’ debates on GMB, but ‘today’s was not’, adding that it was ‘about closing me down’.

He added: ‘I decided it wasn’t worth hanging around. Apologies to [show presenters]Kate Garraway, Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins.’ 

The debate had begun with Labour-backing economist Blakeley arguing that the Bravery case was ‘another story that you can trace back to austerity’.

However Dale fired back: ‘Utter, utter rubbish if I may so. It’s nothing to do with cuts this is to do with people doing the sensible thing and reporting something. 

‘You don’t have to have thousands of pounds to be sensible.’

BBC radio presenter Arthanayake responded: ‘He went on his own presumably because there wasn’t someone who could accompany him at all times because there wasn’t the resources.

‘To just sweep that away with out any facts and say ‘this isn’t about resources’ is ridiculous. Do you want the data on the lack of resources? Ridiculous.’

After struggling to be heard, Dale then responded ‘OK right, that’s it’ before leaving the set, as presenters Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway begged him to say.

As Dale walked off the set, Blakeley asked ‘Can you no-platform yourself? while Arthanayake quipped: ‘Wow, what a fit of pique!’ 

The debate surrounded the shocking case of Jonty Bravery, who horrified tourists on the Tate tower’s viewing platform by suddenly lifting up the French boy, on summer holiday with his parents, and throwing him over a chest-high barrier.

The boy’s mother gave a ‘primal scream’ as her son plunged 100ft on August 4 last year.

The youngster was airlifted to hospital in a critical condition with fractures to his spine, legs and arms and a bleed on the brain. He remains in hospital, severely disabled.

In December, Bravery, 18, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to attempted murder.

Now, ahead of his sentencing hearing, the Mail in conjunction with BBC News has obtained a spine-chilling audio recording of Bravery outlining his plan to throw someone from a tall building.

Recorded by his carers in autumn 2018, Bravery calmly explains the plot taking shape in his disturbed mind, to go on a visit to central London ‘as if we’re having a normal day’ and ‘visit some of the landmarks’.

He said: ‘It could be the Shard, it could be anything… as long as it’s a high thing. And we could go up and visit it, and then push one of… push somebody off it.’

He told his carers he was determined to kill someone because ‘I know for a fact, I’m going to go to prison, if I do that’.

Bravery, who was 17 at the time of the attempted murder, claimed being in prison would be better than being in council care.

The teenager, who has autism, an obsessive compulsive disorder, and a personality disorder, was a challenge for his family and had been moved into council care in 2017.


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