Conservative MPs warn of ‘trouble’ in the Commons over proposed changes to the social care cap.


Conservative MPs have warned that changes to the social care cap will cause ‘trouble’ in the House of Commons.

Changes to means-tested social care costs will be brought forward by ministers.

Tory MPs have warned Boris Johnson that “trouble” lies ahead unless he abandons his social care reforms or face a damaging rebellion in the Commons this week.

Conservative backbenchers are outraged after it was revealed that the government was considering changing the social care cost cap, putting higher costs on poorer retirees.

The decision has sparked outrage among Tory ranks, who fear that it will alienate voters, especially in new Red Wall seats.

Backbenchers are particularly concerned because it follows the sleaze scandal involving Owen Paterson and the “betrayal” of broken rail promises in the North.

Over the weekend, one Tory MP told me, there was “a lot of chatter about the poorest paying more and a lot of concerned colleagues on the WhatsApp groups.”

“Disaster is on the way.”

And it’s not just Red Wall MPs; people from all levels of the party are involved,” the source added.

Later today, MPs are expected to debate the social care reforms in the Commons, with the Government expected to table an amendment to change the cap on social care costs.

The government announced in September that starting in October 2023, there would be an £86,000 cap on care costs.

People with assets up to £20,000 will not have to pay anything towards their care (up from £14,250), while those with assets up to £100,000 will be eligible for some local authority assistance (up from £23,250).

However, the Government stated in a policy paper released on Wednesday that people who receive financial assistance from their local authority for part of their care will only be subject to the £86,000 cap if they contribute their own share.

Campaigners have warned that the change would result in such households receiving “far less protection than expected,” and that they could still face catastrophic costs that would consume a larger portion of their assets than wealthier recipients.

Former justice secretary Robert Buckland said yesterday that the government should reconsider its plans for means-testing.

“There’s a lot of concern out there,” he warned on LBC, “and we’re in danger of putting the cart before the horse.”

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Conservative MPs warn of ‘trouble’ in the Commons over changes to the social care cap.

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Tory MPs warn of Commons ‘trouble’ over social care cap changes

Tory MPs warn of Commons ‘trouble’ over social care cap changes

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