Construction for China-aided rural poverty alleviation facilities kicks off in Laos


VIENTIANE, March 31 (Xinhua) — China has shared its experiences with Laos on poverty alleviation as construction has begun here for China-aided rural poverty alleviation facilities.

Jiang Zaidong, Chinese ambassador to Laos, introduced the situation of China’s poverty alleviation at the groundbreaking ceremony for the project in Lao capital Vientiane on Tuesday, noting that China has been actively participating in global poverty reduction efforts.

China and Laos, watching and helping each, are a community with a shared future, said the Chinese ambassador, adding that Chinese people hope that the brotherly Lao people will live a good life and China will continue to promote bilateral cooperation in poverty alleviation.

Khemmani Pholsena, Lao minister to the Presidential Office, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government for the selfless assistance and precious support in poverty reduction.

As a close neighbor and a community with a shared future, the Lao side is pleased to see the brotherly Chinese people have achieved a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty and set an example for the whole world, said the Lao minister, extending sincere admiration to the Chinese side for insisting on putting the people at the center, insisting on starting everything from the interests of the people, and insisting on implementing targeted poverty alleviation.

“China’s comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty will not only bring a better life to the Chinese people, but also bring tangible benefits to the people of the world,” said Khemmani.

“China’s successful experience has provided practical and feasible lessons for all countries in the world, especially developing countries, and I believe that Laos-China cooperation in poverty alleviation will definitely make greater contributions to Laos’s sustainable development,” said the Lao minister. Enditem


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