Cops investigating £3 an hour clothes factories in Leicester over fears they sparked city’s lockdown


COPS are investigating clothing factories in Leicester amid fears they caused the city’s Covid-19 lockdown.

Police and the Health and the Safety Executive visited ten after claims £3- an-hour staff were working very close together.

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Public health officials have warned young men in the industry were significant spreaders of Covid-19.

Many fashion retailers have part of their supply chains based in the city.

One Bangladeshi, who said she worked for a clothing firm, said: “Our shutters are down but we are still working.

“There are seven of us all in close proximity. It’s really hot and I am scared.”

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen reckons there could be 10,000 “slaves” working in Leicester.

He said: “Covid-19 has brought into focus what’s been going on.

“It’ll take a Tory government to end the despicable work practices and human exploitation in Leicester.”

The HSE is investigating three textile firms, taking enforcement action at one.

The National Crime Agency confirmed it had visited clothes factories in the city.

Police have not made any arrests but plan further visits.

They urged firms to follow employment law and protect health and safety of staff.

After a report, online retailer Boohoo has vowed to probe claims staff in another supply chain were made to work while suffering from Covid-19.

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