Corbyn caught shamelessly ‘taking selfies’ while former Labour MP slams him for election


JEREMY CORBYN has faced backlash from Labour MPs following the party’s disastrous performance in the general election, but the leader was caught shamelessly “taking selfies” when a Labour MP confronted him.

MPs who lost seats, and some backbenchers, challenged Mr Corbyn after Labour’s worst election result in decades. MP for Birmingham Yardley Jess Phillips, tipped to be a potential successor of Mr Corbyn, said that ”it was no worse than it always is” and recalled “a couple of people being supportive”, according to Sky News. She then read a text from MP Melanie Onn whose seat in Great Grimsby went to the Tories.

It is said that she had been “let down by the leadership and the frontbench.”

Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge said to reporters that ”on the whole it was fury, despair, miserable and I just felt that the top table had corporate amnesia”.

Speaking to Sky News, Mary Creagh said that following the loss of her seat of Wakefield to the Conservatives she went on to confront Mr Corbyn in parliament.

It is reported that the Ms Creagh went on a 20 minute tirade at the Labour leader, accusing him of betraying working class voters.

While clearing out her Commons office, she claimed to have given Mr Corbyn the “hairdryer treatment.”

The former MP was furious after losing the seat she held for 14 years in West Yorkshire.

She said she saw Mr Corbyn taking selfies with a group of people when she confronted him.

“I told him he shouldn’t be having his photo taken with young people because he had betrayed their future,” she told The Times.

She said: “I asked him to apologise for what he’d done.

“I told him it was his sole decision to call the election without even consulting the shadow cabinet and as a result of that decision he has delivered the hardest possible Brexit.”

Ms Creagh demanded that he step down from his position as Labour leader right away – and said it wasn’t right for him to remain leader when she had to make her Commons staff redundant.

“I told him to come to Wakefield to apologise for five more years of Tory austerity and five years of a Tory MP.

“It was a hairdryer moment.”

Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell said to Sky News that ”everyone was really down” and there was a ”collective depression” in the room.

MP Wes Streeting, meanwhile, took aim at Mr Corbyn for reportedly claiming the Labour party had won the argument, despite last week’s grave defeat.

“You don’t win the argument and lose the election – not just lose the election but crash to the worst defeat since 1935,” he told Sky News afterwards.

Speaking to 203 Labour MPs, it is thought Mr Corbyn issued an apology for the result, saying: “I take responsibility”.

He blamed the Conservatives and even media outlets for managing to “persuade many that only Boris Johnson could ‘get Brexit done’”.

Mr Corbyn said: “We must now listen to those lifelong Labour voters who we’ve lost.

“I believe that Brexit was a major – although not the only – reason for their loss of trust in us.”

The Labour leader went on to reiterate his intention to stand down once a candidate has been elected.


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