Corbyn faces remarkable backlash as 15 former Labour MPs urge voters to abandon party


JEREMY CORBYN’s general election campaign descended into further chaos this evening after it was revealed 15 former MPs have clubbed together to savage the Labour leader in a full-page advertisement published in an array of newspapers in the party’s northern heartlands.

The advert, published by the anti-extremism campaign group Mainstream in the North of England, was headlined: ‘Thinking of voting Labour? Think again.’ Former ministers including Ian Austin, Gisela Stuart and Ivan Lewis put their names to the advert, along with Ann Coffey, Louise Ellman, Rob Flello, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Tom Levitt, Michael McCann, Joan Ryan, Gavin Shuker and John Woodcock. The advert said: “Everyone wants a safer, fairer society. But in this election the Labour Party is set to deliver the opposite.

“We were all lifelong Labour voters and all former Labour MPs.

“We are voting for different parties at this election, but we have all come to the difficult decision not to vote Labour.”

The advert warned about the rise of anti-Semitism in Labour ranks under Mr Corbyn’s leadership and accused him of being “weak on national security”.

It added: “We know it is a it’s a hard decision for Labour supporters to make. It was for us too.

“But millions of people who have voted Labour all their lives now think the risk of Jeremy Corbyn getting into Number 10 is too great.

“The party has changed. Labour is no longer the party we supported all our lives.”

The news comes hours after IRA victims also joined forces to urge voters not to tick the box for Mr Corbyn and his party in what could be the most shocking election intervention yet.

John Radley, 60, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, was 21 and in the First Battalion of the Irish Guards when an IRA nail bomb exploded in 1981, killing two and leaving him for dead.

Mr Radley, speaking of Mr Corbyn said: “He is undemocratic, unpatriotic. He hates his country.

“It is shocking to believe that a man leading a major political party is known to have sympathies towards terrorist organisations which have murdered countless civilians and soldiers.”

Former Labour campaigner Aileen Quinton, 61, lost her mother Alberta who was 72 when she – along with 12 others – was murdered in the poppy day massacre at Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

Ms Quinton said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s explanation is that he was campaigning for peace. If that’s the case, why was he was pictured so often slabbering over Sinn Fein but never seen with any on the Loyalist side?

“He always finds it difficult to condemn the IRA – and insists instead on condemning all violence.

“Why is it so hard just to condemn people who tried to murder our soldiers?”

The Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has also added his voice to those condemning the labour leader.

He wrote in The Times earlier in the election campaign warning “majority of Jews” are terrified of the prospect of a Labour Government.

With Labour currently embroiled in an anti-Semitism row within the party, Mr Mirvis said many Jews were “gripped by anxiety” of Mr Corbyn winning the election.

Following his comments, some Labour supporters shockingly went on Twitter to turn on the Chief Rabbi.

One said: “Today’s announcement from the chief Rabbi also stinks of foreign state interference, MI6 Monday, Mossad today!

“CIA tomorrow? Corbyn is target number 1.”

Another said: “Chief Rabbi Mirvis was paid off to say this by the Torys.”

A third said: “Chief Rabbi Mirvis is a Boris Johnson supporter.

“He’s also an uncritical supporter of Netanyahu + the violent oppression of Palestinians by Israel.

“His comments must be taken in this context.”

“Labour is promising to recognise a Palestinian state + end arms sales to Israel.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called Mr Mirvis’ intervention “unprecedented”.


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