Corbyn’s chances of winning election ‘close to zero’ claims ex-Lib Dem leader Vince Cable


FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable blasted Jeremy Corbyn in a CNBC interview when he predicted the “utterly unpalatable” Labour leader will have “close to zero” chances of winning the election.

Sir Vince Cable, who led the Liberal Democrats from 2017 to 2019, gave his thoughts on the general election this week to CNBC. The former Business Secretary had a very gloomy prediction for Jeremy Corbyn as he claimed voters would choose Boris Johnson as the “lesser of two evils”. The ex-MP also defended his successor Jo Swinson, although he admitted the Lib Dems winning the election was “certainly not going to happen”.

Sir Vince said: “I think the most likely outcome is that there is an overall Conservative majority.

“The chances of Corbyn winning are close to zero.

“There is a significant possibility that we may finish up with no overall majority, which could then open the way to a referendum on the Brexit issue.”

A YouGov poll showed that 23 percent of those who voted Lib Dem at the last election are now undecided.

It has been suggested the revoke Article 50 policy the opposition party initially campaigned on weakened

Mr Cable had vocally criticised his former party’s Brexit policy, branding it an “unhelpful distraction”.

He told CNBC: “What we’re really campaigning for is to be a substantial block of MPs so that we’re in a position to go back to the public in a People’s Vote.

“The revocation stuff was only a hypothetical possibility if we won the election, outright, which was not going to happen, and certainly isn’t going to happen now.”

He continued: “I think people have actually used us as an excuse for reverting to what this election has become. It’s become Corbyn v Johnson, and I think large numbers of people find the Corbyn option utterly unpalatable.

“They’re going for the lesser of two evils, and it is an evil. I’m afraid if they do win, we’re in for a very difficult ride.

“The Brexit issue isn’t going to get resolved, that’s the great lie of the election.”

In the summer, the Lib Dems were polling only two percent behind the Conservatives at 23 percent compared to 25.

The opposition party also had very successfully European Parliament elections during the summer. However, the polls seem dire now for the party.

Sir Vince defended his party: “The theoretical potential is there, but I think the reality is that we have a voting system that encourages polarisation into the two traditional parties.

“We can make progress through tactical voting, and we will, I think, depending on what happens on Thursday.

“But it is actually very difficult to make headway when you have an electorate that is so polarised, where you have a first-past-the-post system that prevents us capitalising on our still significant support.”


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