Coronation Street spoilers: Roy Cropper set for more heartache after brother’s death


CORONATION STREET’S star Roy Cropper is set for a heartbreaking Christmas as his long-lost brother Richard Lucas dies after a fall when he is at the cafe looking at a leaking freezer, but he was meant to be looking after his brother. This forces people to question how he could abandon someone so vulnerable, especially family.

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) could be in for a terrible Christmas as his long-lost brother, Richard Lucas (Paul Bown), who he is meant to be looking after dies after a nasty fall, causing a huge rift between Roy and his niece Nina (Mollie Gallagher), who will blame Roy for leaving him to die alone. But will Roy be able to get Nina to open up to him or is he looking at a desperately lonely Christmas?

Viewers will know that Roy recently revealed to Carla Connor (Alison King) that he had a secret younger half-brother called Richard. 

He was the product of an affair with Roy’s late mum, Sylivia had years ago. 

However, Richard was put up for adoption so the family weren’t thrown into scandal, but Carla wanted to find the long-lost brother and so convinced her friends to come with her. 

Despite Richard’s daughter, Nina, trying to keep the family at arms length she finally gave in and the brothers were reunited last month.


Since then, Roy has been getting to know his brother and the two have struck up an amazing friendship. 

Richard isn’t well though, and this week will see him die suddenly after weeks of suffering with pulmonary fibrosis. 

Roy will be left blaming himself when he promises to wait for Richard’s carer to arrive, whilst Nina goes off to college. 

When he gets a call from Aggie Dailey (Lorna Laidlaw) telling him that the freezer in the cafe is leaking, he will be forced to leave his brother alone.

Despite Roy calling Richard constantly to check he is ok, Richard will hide the fact that he has taken a very bad fall, telling his brother he is fine. 

When Roy returns he will find his long-lost brother suffering and unconscious on the floor, forcing him to call an ambulance. 

Nina will return just at the wrong time, as paramedics fight to keep Richard alive, however it’s too late and he will be pronounced dead.

Will Nina blame Roy for her father’s death? And will they be able to save their relationship?

Roy will invited Nina to come and stay with him so she doesn’t have to stay somewhere with such tragic memories. 

Little does Roy know, Carla will be the one to let the cat out of the bag and will tell Nina that Roy wasn’t at home when Richard fell. 

Nina will barricaded herself in the flat but Roy will follow and try and share his own family memories as a way to bring her out. 

The more Roy opens up about his lonely childhood, Nina will reply through the letterbox, but can she ever forgive him?

Roy will decide to fight to try and gain Nina’s trust and try to understand her more. 

It will all come down to whether the grieving daughter can let her guard down and let him get to know her. 

Nina also won’t want to be a burden, so she will need to decide where she really stands in Weatherfield and if she can stay after the death of her father. 


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