Coronavirus crisis costs Spain over 1 mln jobs in Q2


MADRID, July 28 (Xinhua) — The coronavirus crisis reduced employment in Spain by over a million during the second quarter (Q2) of the year, according to the Economically Active Population Survey published by the Spanish Statistical Office (INE) on Tuesday.

The INE quarterly study showed 18.6 million people are now working in Spain after the number of people in employment fell by 1,074,000 in the April-June period.

Meanwhile, unemployment rose by 55,000 to 3.36 million, a rate of 15.33 percent.

Explaining the big difference between the fall in the number of people working and those registered as unemployed, the INE pointed out that many have not yet been able to register as unemployed due to restrictions on mobility.

These figures do not include workers who have been placed under a Temporary Regulation of Employment Proceedings, which allow the government to pay a percentage of a worker’s wage in order for their employer to be able to safeguard their positions and allow them to return to work once conditions improve. Enditem


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