Coronavirus Developments: US Reaches 4 Million Cases, Death Toll Rises, Unemployment Also Up


U.S. coronavirus cases topped 4 million on Thursday as the death toll also reached a and unemployment claims were on the rise.

The coronavirus surge is occurring in at least 39 states, with 69,000 new cases of the virus reported on Wednesday, according to the New York Times database. The situation is so serious, President Trump called off the Florida portion of the Republican National Convention. He had moved his acceptance speech to Jacksonville to try to avoid the restrictions imposed by Charlotte, North Carolina, the original site but the caseload in Florida has been skyrocketing for the last month.

The first coronavirus cases in the U.S. was reported by Johns Hopkins University on Jan. 21, CNN reported. Ninety-nine days later, the U.S. reported 1 million positive cases of the virus. After 43 days, the count was at 2 million cases and later surged to 3 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus 28 days after that. In 15 days more, the U.S. hit the 4 million mark.

“It didn’t have to be this bad, but at every juncture of this crisis President Trump has failed the fundamental role of a president: the duty to care — or in his case, the ability to care about anything beyond himself and his reelection,” presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said in statement emailed to the press.

“Instead of the wartime president we were promised, America is led by someone even his own aides and allies describe as “bored” and “distracted” by the fight against this virus, someone more interested in playing golf than leading our nation in a moment of crisis. He quit on this country and waved the white flag of surrender,” Biden added.

States such as Alaska, Montana, Virginia, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Maryland, Nevada, Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, and Puerto Rico are continuing to see a fast-paced spread of the virus along with Texas, Florida and California.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to increase, more restrictions are being ordered to reduce the spread of the virus. Miami has enacted stricter fines for not wearing a face mask in public while Indiana and Minnesota have mandated face mask requirements in public.

The face mask mandates come on the heels of a surge in COVID-19 deaths as 1,136 new deaths were reported from the virus on Wednesday – the most since May 29, according to the Times database. The U.S. has reported over 143,400 COVID-19 deaths nationwide with global deaths exceeding 624,000 as of Thursday late afternoon, Johns Hopkins University reported.

The grim numbers are further complicated by the rise in unemployment claims in the U.S. as 1.4 million more Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, an increase of 109,000 from the previous week and up for the first time in 15 weeks, the Labor Department reported

The unemployment rate is thought to now sit at 11.1%, keeping on pace with June’s unemployment rate, with enhanced unemployment benefits set to run out at the end of July unless Congress acts quickly. The numbers come from Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates with official numbers set to come out on Aug. 7.

The areas with the largest number of unemployment claims for the week included Puerto Rico, Nevada, Hawaii, Georgia, and California.

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