Coronavirus Spain direct: China recorded 40 new cases of Covid-19, 27 of them in Beijing



The rate of affected by Covid-19 exceeds the one per thousand of the global population


Just one virus left antibodies to 21% of the hospital staff punished for the pandemic


Honduras recorded 322 deaths per Covid-19 and 9.178 contagiosLa pandemic COVID-19 in Honduras has so far failed to 322 dead and 9.178 infections, according to the report of this Monday, the National System of Risk Management (Sinager), while the Government announced the allocation of medical brigades who go out to find the virus, “house by house”. An epidemiologist who requested anonymity, told Efe their fears that “the situation will get worse in the country as well as will the pandemic with many patients every day.” 1,023 new lab tests confirmed today, the Sinager indicated that 320 were positive, with the number of hiv infections at the national level amounted to 9.178.


China recorded 40 new cases of Covid-19, 27 of them in Beijing
The National Commission of Health of China reported today of 40 new cases of COVID-19 detected Monday, 8 of them coming from outside and 32 at the local level, of which 27 are registered in Beijing, after the outbreak of coronavirus detected in the main market of the capital. The municipal Government pekinese announced Monday that the city was in a “state of war” to tackle this new growth, leaving already 106 confirmed cases since last Thursday.


U.S. exceeds the 116,000 dead and 2.11 million infections Covid-19
The united states reached this Monday the number of 2.111.622 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 116.090 deceased, in accordance with the separate count of the Johns Hopkins University. The state of New York is maintained as the major epicenter of the pandemic in the united States with 383.994 confirmed cases and 30.856 deceased, a figure just below that of the United Kingdom, Brazil and Italy. Only in New York city have died 22.124 people. New York will continue to the neighboring New Jersey with 167.103 confirmed cases and 12.708 deceased, Massachusetts with 105.745 infections and 7,647 deaths and Illinois, which has been reported 133.016 positive for coronavirus and 6.326 dead.


Infections on the rise and recession, the cocktail of lethal of the American coronavirus
The coronavirus maintains this Monday to America with the nerves on account of the almost 200,000 dead and 3.7 million living while coming to the region, which experts predict will be the largest economic recession in the last century. The most recent report of the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the number of people affected by the virus overtook today in the world, 7.8 million, and the dead come to 431.192. America is currently the continent with the highest number of hiv infections, with 3.7 million, and has the most affected country of the planet, the united States, which takes about two million cases and a balance funeral 116,000 dead by the Covid-19.


Brazil comes to almost 44,000 deaths and about 900,000 cases of COVID-19
Brazil recorded in the last 24 hours 627 new dead by coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths caused by the pandemic has come to 43.959, according to data supplied by the Ministry of Health. The daily balance prepared by that office on the basis of the data collected by the regional secretariats add that in the same 24-hour period were confirmed 20.647 new cases, bringing the number of cases accumulated until today to 888.271. Brazil is the second country most affected by the coronavirus in the world, behind only the united States, and the curve of pandemic keeps climbing, still far from the peak to the experts and to the Ministry of Health expect that to be achieved in a matter of a few weeks in the greater part of the national territory.


One out of every five people will suffer a Covid-19 severe if you are infected
One out of every five people around the world suffer from a clinical condition upon which he would become severely ill if infected by coronaviruses, as suggested in a study released Monday by the journal The Lancet. The research, carried out by a team from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, found that about 1,700 million people, or 22 % of the world’s population, has a health condition that could increase your risk of having a Covid-19 serious if it passes. To reach these outcomes, the experts used a model of study with information collected from 188 countries. .


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