COVID-19 health workers in China beat a pet corgi to death while its owner was in quarantine, causing outrage among Chinese citizens.


Chinese people are outraged after COVID-19 health workers beat a pet corgi to death while its owner was in quarantine.

People in China are outraged that a pet corgi was killed while its owner was in quarantine — an incident captured on an in-home security camera and shared on social media, according to reports.

The corgi, named Chaofen, was killed by epidemic prevention workers who were disinfecting an apartment linked to a COVID-19 outbreak, according to The Daily Beast.

The owner of the dog posted security footage of the disturbing incident to social media, causing a “national outcry across China.”

According to the Daily Mail, government officials bashed the dog with a crowbar after breaking into the house in Shangrao, Jiangxi province’s southeastern region, on Friday.

According to the Daily Mail, the corgi’s owner, Fu, was undergoing mandatory quarantine in a nearby hotel at the time, despite the fact that she was COVID-negative and the dog had never been tested.

The owner said she saw two workers dressed in full hazmat suits beat the corgi live on security camera, even as she “used a home speaker to beg the workers to leave her pet alone,” according to The Daily Beast.

According to CNN, the dog’s owner was reassured by community workers on Friday morning before she left for quarantine that the dog would not be taken away or harmed during the disinfection of the building.

Workers broke into the apartment later that afternoon and attacked the dog.

“The dog tried to flee the beating by going into the bedroom, so it wasn’t caught on camera, but I could hear faint wails.”

They said they’d dealt with it and would take it away a few minutes later, holding a yellow plastic bag in their hands,” the owner wrote in a since-deleted post, according to CNN.

“I still have no idea whether my dog is alive or dead, or where it has gone,” she added.

The dog was killed as “part of plans to ‘thoroughly disinfect’ the community,” according to the Daily Mail.

Her security camera footage was viewed, according to NPR…

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