Covid cases are skyrocketing across Europe; our only saving grace has been the jabs.


Covid cases are skyrocketing across Europe; our only saving grace has been the jabs.

In Austria, the hills are alive with rioting, as the country enters a new Covid lockdown today.

Cops have also shot dissenters during violent protests over new restrictions in the Netherlands, where being laid back is almost a national sport.

As the virus’s “fourth wave” spreads across Europe, including Germany, the epitome of Covid efficiency, there is growing concern about the virus’s “fourth wave.”

Despite relatively high daily cases and deaths in the UK, we are able to go about our business as usual, with no imminent lockdown in sight, because the numbers are relatively stable.

Even the most pessimistic scientists are becoming increasingly optimistic that we will be largely unharmed, thanks to the earlier timing of our unlockdown in the more pleasant summer months.

Vaccines have been our greatest savior.

We would have had 300,000 Covid deaths by now, according to one Oxford professor.

That’s one hell of a persuasive ad for a booster shot, which is available to those aged 40 to 49 starting today.

Priti Patel’s big talk about stopping illegal migration is part of what makes the daily evidence of her failure so depressing.

The number of migrants crossing the Channel has tripled in a year, to 25,000, and today we tell how two friends on a Channel fishing trip were taken aback when they discovered more migrant dinghies than cod.

The vultures are circling Ms Patel, with one poll showing 77% of Conservative voters believe the party is too soft.

Ironically, her Labour shadow, the lesser-known Nick Thomas-Symonds, may be her saviour, as he appeared yesterday to offer his three-point plan:

We didn’t say it was a good plan, after all.

Priti, for all her troubles, is still brimming with determination to swat away all the bureaucratic stumbling blocks in her path, rather than meekly acquiescing to them.

With boyish charm, sunny optimism, and visions of nostalgia-tinged glory, he won over the Red Wall faithful, cementing his status as a crowd favorite with a last-gasp European triumph.

Even when faced with doubts about his tactical naivety, he had a knack for pulling a result out of the bag just in time to avert disaster.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s luck ran out yesterday when he was fired as Manchester United manager after one too many disastrous performances.

If Boris Johnson learns anything from this, it’s that it’s past time for him to go on a winning streak…

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Across the Continent there is rising panic over the virus’s 'fourth wave' as cases rocket, but the UK's biggest saving grace has been the vaccinesThe great game Priti Patel talks on halting illegal migration is partly why the daily evidence of her failure is so deflating

  • Ask the French nicely to fix the problem for us;
  • Allow the migrants to enter the UK legitimately;
  • Reverse cuts in foreign aid

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