Cracking brick work sparks fresh concerns about troubled Mascot Towers building


Engineers have raised concerns about cracking brick work at the troubled Mascot Towers apartment complex in Sydney.

A Mascot Towers spokesman said the cracking was purely cosmetic and the building’s structural integrity was not affected.

The spokesman said they have asked some commercial tenants to temporarily vacate the complex and had established a public safety exclusion zone as a precaution.

‘No bricks have fallen, there have been no incidents and the risk of falling bricks is deemed small by our professional engineers, but we have a duty of care to the public and we have acted to ensure public safety,’ the spokesman said on Friday morning.

‘We are developing a remediation plan to address this issue and we hope to have that plan finalised within a week to allow remediation to get underway.’

There are concerns about cracks in the brick work on the Bourke Street facade of one of the apartment towers.

The 132-unit residential block was evacuated in June after structural concerns about the building were revealed.




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