Dads share clever hacks for getting children off their iPads


A group of Australian dads have come together to discuss tricks for cutting down their children’s screen time – from cutting off wi-fi access to using apps that restrict access to websites after a certain time. 

‘I blocked YouTube in my router. I told them YouTube must be playing up so I don’t look like the bad guy,’ one father wrote on Facebook, while others suggested offering outdoor activities. 

‘I get [my son]out of house but have set boundaries like video games on weekends and I fully stopped him watching YouTube,’ another wrote. 

‘Go camping. My boys don’t even ask about tech,’ another dad suggested.  

Another father recommended downloading an app which restricts how long a child can use iPads for.

‘There is an app called OurPact. You download it on your device and pair it with the child’s devices and then you can set the hours on allowed screen time,’ he explained.

‘You can remotely be in charge of his device… basically when you don’t want them playing games etc, it hides all of the apps that use the internet!’

Others just kept things simple by cutting off access altogether and setting a good example themselves. 

‘I just turn it off. They soon change back to normal and boundaries are good for kids. We have no phones at tables, come when called for dinner or I turn off wifi, ‘a dad wrote.

‘Got to get off your own phone, take them outside and keep them doing something,’ another added.

‘Teaching teens to drive on private property is fun for them. Try to encourage reading in down time, even if it means buying rubbish material.’


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