Daniel Alvarado dead at 70 – Actor who starred in 90 Latin soaps dies at home after suffering heart attack


LATIN soap star Daniel Alvarado, 70, has died at home after suffering a heart attack.

It had initially been thought the actor and singer died following a fall down stairs and hitting his head at his home on the outskirts of Caracus, Venezuela.

However, following an autopsy, two of his children confirmed that the actor had actually died as a result of a heart attack.

Daniela Alvarado, one of his daughters, who also an actress, said: “My father died of a heart attack, when we found my father we thought he had fallen… he went for a walk, he went out to exercise and unfortunately he died of a sudden heart attack.”

Alvarado found fame starring in a number of Latin soap operas and his song Negrito Fullero, which was a worldwide hit. 

A statement from his family said: “Until the last moment, he remained active and happy in the company of his closest family and friends.

“Daniel leaves us a legacy of love for his family, his career and his country.

“His extensive and successful acting career in film, theatre and television were a reflection of his passion and enthusiasm.

“So we want to remember it.

“His greatest wish was to return to give the public everything that for years was reflected on the screen.

“We want to thank all the Venezuelan people for their professed love.

“We ask for the utmost respect and intimacy in these difficult times and we appreciate the consideration that has always accompanied our family.

“Even the sky is filled with bagpipes, art and Zulu feeling … for the arrival of the Negrito Fullero. Thanks a lot”.

Venezuela’s Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas said: “I grew up admiring his talent and then I had the privilege of his friendship and camaraderie.

“Daniel Alvarado leaves an indelible mark on #Venezuela as one of his great contemporary artists.

“He was also a patriot to the end. Thank you, therefore, Daniel. Honour and eternal glory!”

Alvarado first appeared in the TV series La Fiera in 1978 before going to to appear in scores of other shows/

His last TV acting appearance was in La Virgen de la Calle in 2014.

Alvarado also appeared in a number of films over the years as well, including 2012’s Wayuu: La nina de Maracaibo.

He was married three times.

He had two sons, Daniel and Luis, from his first marriage.

He then married Carmen Julia Alvarez in 1978 and went on to have daughter, Daniela, and a son Carlos Daniel.

Alvarado then married Emma Rabbe, a former Miss Venezuela winner, in 1998 and had three sons, Daniel Alejandro, Diego José and Calvin Daniel.


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