‘Dateline’ Preview: Mystery Surrounding Roberto Ayala’s Death Examined By NBC Correspondent Keith Morrison


On Friday night’s episode of “Dateline,” those who tune in will be able to examine the circumstances surrounding Roberto Ayala’s death in 2011.

After police learned that Ayala had died, the subsequent investigation sparked new questions as the motives of those around him were taken into consideration. Throughout the episode of the true-crime show, NBC correspondent Keith Morrison will take a closer look at the events that took place before and after his passing.

Ayala, who had once worked as a farm manager on a multimillion-dollar property in California’s Central Valley, was known as a hardworking family man. Even though he had a demanding work schedule, he typically tried to take one of his three children out with him for the day in order to both spend time with them and show them what his job entailed. On certain days, this included taking his young son, Fabian, with him as he completed his daily tasks.

On July 16, 2011, Morrison states that Ayala “needed to flood a rice field by turning on a series of high-voltage irrigation pumps.” However, that particular day took a horrible turn after he stopped to tend to an electrical box. Fabian, who had been with him at the time, said that he saw his father on the ground following a “big explosion.” After calling out his name and seeing that Ayala was unresponsive, he took off in order to find someone who might be able to help both him and his dad. 

This episode of “Dateline,” called “Family Business,” will air Friday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT on NBC. 


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