Diabetic says she was left without insulin for EIGHT HOURS after easyJet refused access to luggage


A diabetic woman has claimed she was left without insulin for more than eight hours after easyJet staff refused her access to her hand luggage during a delay.

Adele Napier, 30, had been on a flight with her family from Hugharda Airport, Egypt, to London Stansted on Monday, February 3.

But the plane had to be diverted via Italy to allow for a change of crew, which meant all passengers were ‘locked’ inside a holding room at Milan Airport.  

Ms Napier claims it was there that her hand luggage containing the insulin was taken away from her – with staff stating that it needed to be put in the hold for the second-leg of the journey as it would be too big to go back into the overhead lockers.

Ms Napier, from Dover, Kent, said that she had later tried to retrieve her medication but claims she was told to ‘go away’ by airport staff.

She was unable to access her medication until the flight eventually landed in London several hours later.     

Adele said: ‘It was like we were cattle being locked in a room with out fresh air water or any contact with staff.

‘People were becoming very agitated and it was just horrific. Children sleeping on the dirty floor, it’s made us as a family never want to fly with easyJet again.

‘My diabetes became very unstable as stress drastically effects my sugar levels.

‘I had a low blood sugar and had nothing to correct it no sugar or carbohydrates, it was awful.

‘I didn’t access my insulin until we landed at Stansted. 

‘Even then I couldn’t use it as insulin freezes at those temperatures so had to wait until I got home. In total they ruined 10 of my insulin pens.’ 

Adele took to social media the next day to express her disappointment.

She wrote: ‘Absolutely shocking how myself, my partner and my children were treated.

‘First a 2hr 45min delay at Hurghada airport, where all the decent food places were closed so was unable to adequately feed my children.

‘Then a stop off in Milan that turned into 4hr 45min wait locked in a holding room, unable to leave to get fresh air.

‘I was told my ten-month-old baby had to sleep on the floor.

‘No food or drinks for the first two and a half hours and told by an easyJet staff member if we wanted to drink water to use the tap in the bathroom.

‘I was lied to about when we were getting on the plane to come home on more than one occasion.

‘Genuinely never flying easy jet again, was supposed to be home at 11.55pm on the 3rd of February only to arrive at 9.30am today.’

Her post prompted others to come forward about the ordeal.

Ros Sones wrote: ‘I was there absolutely shameful, used Easy Jet many many times. Never again we were treated worse than cattle.’

Roberto Jupp Snr added: ‘Total disgrace and a very stressful and unpleasant situation for everybody. Never using Easyjet again.’

The flight, which should have taken six hours, ended up taking nearer 16.

Ms Napier, along with the other passengers, has since been sent a generic compensation email.   

EasyJet has apologised for the delay.

A spokesman for the company said: ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the diversion and delay.

‘On the outbound flight the aircraft diverted to Milan so engineers could resolve a technical issue.

‘Due to the delay this caused, the crew were unable to operate the full return flight as they would exceed their legally permitted flying hours, so the aircraft diverted to Milan for a crew change.

‘A complimentary service was offered on board before landing in Milan and refreshment vouchers issued, although we understand there were limited options available to redeem them due the time of day.

‘Breakfast boxes were also provided to customers.

‘We would like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused.

‘It is not correct that customers were locked in a room, however they remained airside.

‘We would always advise passengers to keep any important medication in their hand luggage rather than in the aircraft hold.’

But, in response, Ms Napier reiterated her ordeal and said: ‘My hand-luggage suitcase was taken off me at the Italian airport and put in the hold!

‘They didn’t even let me take it out and when I tried to explain it had important medication in I was told to go away.’


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