Did you spot this major editing fail on Married At First Sight?


There was an editing fail on Thursday’s episode of Married At First Sight when Cathy Evans switched between wet and dry hair during her spa date with Josh Pihlak.

The 26-year-old logistics investigator had dry hair when she took off her robe and climbed into the hot tub wearing a skimpy blue bikini.

But it suddenly looked wet when the camera cut to her walking down the steps. 

Moments later, her hair was once again completely dry as she waded over to Josh. 

This continuity error suggests that Cathy was filmed several times climbing into the spa before producers were happy with the shot.

During her kiss with Josh, Cathy’s hair also switched several times between wet and dry, which again indicates that multiple takes were spliced together.

During Thursday’s episode, Cathy and Josh took their romance to the next level.

While on their honeymoon in country Victoria, the newlyweds hopped into the spa for a steamy make-out session.

Cathy revealed she had packed a ‘secret weapon’ to seduce her husband: her favourite blue bikini. 

‘I’ve got a bit of a secret weapon to help steer him in the right direction. And it’s my raunchy bikini!’ she giggled as she pulled the two-piece from her luggage. 

‘The bikini is everything, or… well it’s literally nothing!’ she added, before disrobing and sliding into the spa bath.

‘Holy s**t!’ truck driver Josh, 28, said upon seeing his wife in her swimwear. 

‘I usually have something to say for everything, and I just didn’t know what to say… I was actually shocked in a bloody good way,’ he added. 

After their date, Cathy said she was ready to get physical with Josh.

‘Every time I kiss him I get butterflies and my heart does beat a little bit faster. If he said, “I want to have sex,” I would be there,’ she confessed.



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