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Disabled man refused service at McDonald’s drive-thru for driving mobility scooter


A DISABLED man was refused a cheeseburger at a McDonald’s drive-thru because he was on a mobility scooter.

Staff told Mark Waite they could not sell to anyone on the devices from their drive-thru windows, despite it being McDonald’s policy to serve roadworthy ones.

Mark, 50, who has lupus and osteoporosis, uses a roadworthy class 3 mobility scooter that is registered to the DVLA.

But he could not get service at the McDonald’s in Gosport, Hants.

Mr Waite, who has been using a mobility scooter for the past five years, said: “I was having a hard time sleeping so I went down to the docks and thought I would get some food on the way back.

“I explained to the gentleman at the window that my scooter is a DVLA registered vehicle but I was told, ‘sorry sir, it’s a mobility scooter, we don’t serve them’.

“I cannot drive because of the pain medication I am on – I need liquid morphine.

“No disabled person should have to feel like their disability is their fault. It has put me off visiting that branch.”

McDonald’s has now apologised to Mr Waite for the blunder and said staff at the restaurant did not recognise the scooter was valid for service.

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