Disney+ is Now Available on Now TV Devices, and in 4K to Boot


Last month Sky announced that Disney+ would be coming to both Sky Q and Now TV devices – the former at launch and the latter sometime later. Now, one month after Disney+ arrived in the UK, the service is available on Now TV devices – and 4K resolution isn’t being left out.

Those of you with Now TV devices will be able to download Disney+ from the usual app store, though you can’t sign up for Disney+ right there. You need to do that in your browser over on the DisneyPlus.com first. Why? Who knows, but it seems that’s how things are done over at Disney HQ.

The experience isn’t going to be that much different to Disney+ on any other devices, and those of you with 4K Now TV boxes will be able to enjoy the few films Disney has available in Ultra HD resolution. HDR is off the table, sadly, since not even Sky Q has that just yet. No way in hell will Now TV get it first.


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