Disturbing moment man grips an emu by the neck and mounts it


Disturbing footage has emerged of a man trying to ride an injured emu before ripping handfuls of feathers from its back.   

The footage was reportedly recorded by a 19-year-old on Monday morning in Walgett, in northern New South Wales. 

The emu had been caught in a wire fence when the group went to save it, but once it was free the torment began.

In the video, which has been uploaded to Facebook, the male in a blue jumper can be seen pinning the bird down by the neck as it struggles to escape. 

A woman can then be heard say: ‘This is going to be funny as f**k’.

As the man lifts it, hundreds of feathers fall to the ground. 

‘It can’t stand bro,’ the woman can be heard saying. 

Another male can be seen helping the man drag the emu by the head and neck before the bird manages to leap to its feet. 

As the bird attempts to flee, the man then quickly leaps on its back. 

After failing to ride the creature, the man then rips handfuls of feathers from its back, tossing the feathers joyfully into the air, while his friends laugh hysterically. 

The emu’s back is almost completely bald by the time the man decides to stop. 

A police spokeswoman said they were aware of the video and urged anyone with information regarding the footage to contact police. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the SPCA for comment. 


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