Doctor Who season 12: Jodie Whittaker joined by Bodyguard and Better Call Saul stars 


DOCTOR WHO has unveiled two more guest stars joining Jodie Whittaker in the new series and one of them has a longstanding link to the Doctor Who universe – but will you be able to recognise her in the twelfth series?

There’s a treat in store for Doctor Who fans as an actor from the Doctor Who universe joins the series but in an entirely different role, while another big name from BBC One drama The Missing and Better Call Saul hops aboard for a trip in the TARDIS.

As Christmas approaches, so too does the highly-anticipated return of Doctor Who, with The Doctor and pals appearing on BBC One on New Year’s Day.

So far we know the episode is called Spyfall and that it has two big stars in Sir Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry, playing Daniel Barton and MI6 chief C respectively.

Now two more names have been revealed as guest stars in the new series.

And one of the actors has been part of the Doctor Who universe before, but this time will be playing a very different character.

From 2008 to 2010, Anjli Mahindra starred as Rani Chandra in The Sarah Jane Adventures, the CBBC spin-off series focused on journalist Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen).

Sarah Jane first appeared in Doctor Who in 1973, playing the bold newshound alongside Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor.

Anjli has since starred in smash hit thriller Bodyguard as Nadia, as well as ITV thriller Dark Heart.

While she’s a veteran of the Whoniverse, her role in this series of Doctor Who is brand new – as is her appearance. Might Anjli be playing one of The Doctor’s new – and terrifying – enemies, which we’ve glimpsed in the trailers?

In talking about joining the cast, Anjli referenced her time on Law and Order UK, where she starred opposite Bradley Walsh.

She said: “As a huge fan of the last series, it’s a bit of a dream come true getting to work opposite Jodie, Mandip, Tosin, and, of course after all these years, to work with Bradley again!”

She has also hinted that her role is one which is out to hinder, rather than help, The Doctor and her companions.

“There’s something undeniably special about Jodie’s Doctor, and to be bringing some terror to the joint was rather fun indeed,” she added. 

Anjli will play Queen Skithra, who is slated to appear in the fourth episode of the new series, which is reported to also feature guest stars Goran Višnjić and Robert Glenister.

The other guest actor joining The Doctor this time round is The Missing and Better Call Saul actor Laura Fraser, who is much more mysterious about where she will fit into the series.

“I love this episode and couldn’t resist playing such an intense character,” Laura spilled.

“I watched Doctor Who every week as a child, so it was a massive thrill to be asked to take part in such an iconic show.”

Executive producer Matt Strevens has said that the show has found the “perfect” characters for the pair to play.

“It was a real joy to welcome Anjli and Laura to the show,” he said. 

“We’ve wanted to work with them since we started and have found the perfect characters for them to show off their talent and range – both formidable in very different ways.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on New Year’s Day at 6.55pm.


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