Dog almost dies after munching on cannabis plants dumped on farmland


A DOG almost died after munching on cannabis plants fly-tipped on farmland.

Staffie Zara was rushed to the vet after she started convulsing.

They diagnosed cannabis poisoning but she is now on the mend.

Louise Fields, 34, adopted the three-year-old mutt while working at Dogs4Rescue.

She said: “Zara was very ill. Her eyes were flickering, and she had jolting tremors.

“She couldn’t co-ordinate her limbs. I knew I needed to act fast.

“Zara is only small and all she needed was a little dose for the drug to have serious side-effects.

“The thought of losing her is unimaginable.

“I’m over the moon that she’s back to her former self.

“My message to anyone whose dog starts behaving weird is to ring the vets straight away.

“If we had waited any longer, it could have been too late.”

Louise urged dog walkers to be careful at Irlam Moss, Gtr Manchester.

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